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We are a team of students from College of Engineering Trivandrum who are fueled by passion, driven by desire and equipped with the the skill to fabricate an All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) for taking part in the national BAJA collegiate competitions. The team is composed of members possessing experience in participating similar national level collegiate competitions. With this experience and motivation in hand, we aim to finish as one of the best teams in the competitions.

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College of Engineering Trivandrum

College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET) is one of the oldest, most reputed and also top ranked engineering college of the state of Kerala. Since its inception in 1939, the college has grown dynamically, producing some of the most brilliant minds of the country. The college is renowned for its infrastructure and technical prowess which form the perfect environment for the optimal growth of students.


Dr. Suresh Babu V

College of Engineering Trivandrum

Dr. Unnikrishnan V.S

Head of the Department
Mechanical Engineering,
College of Engineering Trivandrum

Prof. Sasi N

Faculty Advisor,
Team Herakles, Assistant Professor, Mech. Dept., College of Engineering, Trivandrum

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Abhinav K

Govind Krishna

Dr. Sasi N

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Meet Our Founders

Safwan Abdul


Vishnu C S


Varun Venugopal


Sanjay K Kutty


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