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In spite (or, perhaps, because) of the abundance of options, choosing a Ukrainian restaurant in Berlin is a challenge. If you check online reviews, most of them start with something like, “This is one of the best restaurants in Berlin, and the food is delicious!!!” To help you to navigate the irresistible Ukrainian landscape of restaurants in Berlin, we have put together this brief guide. A friendly warning: make sure you are reading this on a full stomach.

GuzulkaCafe PirouetteVdoma

Die mit den Kirschen

Wielandstrasse 38

@die_mit_den_kirschenMon-Sun 2-11pm, Wed closed

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This modern Ukrainian restaurant in Berlin is run by Alina and her family. They have been living in Germany for almost 20 years and keep cherishing the best traditions of Ukrainian cuisine at their establishment. Their guests may enjoy such must-have dishes as borsch, dressed herring salad, and cornmeal mush called banosh in the Hutsul cuisine. The Ukrainian restaurant’s speciality is sweet cherry liqueur (‘nalyvanka’) after which the place is called: Die mit den Kirschen means ‘The one with cherries’. This homemade drink is a mandatory compliment to all the visitors, and this alone puts the place among the cool restaurants in Berlin.


1 Alt-Rudow

@restaurant_guzulkaMon/Wed/Thu 1-9pm, Fri/Sat 1-10pm, Sun 12-9pm, Tue closed

Not only what you may call a gourmet restaurant in Berlin but also an apart-hotel, Guzulka offers a truly authentic experience of Ukrainian cuisine and culture with a Carpathian twist. Arguably one of the best restaurants in Berlin, in this generously decorated space one may enjoy such Ukrainian dishes as borsch served with special pampushki buns, banosh, and varenyky (dumplings) with different fillings, or choose one of the many vegetarian options. The portions might not be too big, but this is an opportunity to try as many delicacies as possible. Its very friendly staff also makes Guzulka one of the nicest restaurants in Berlin.

Little Sins

108 Boxhagener Str.

@littlesins.barTue-Sun 5-11pm, Mon closed

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If you are looking to indulge your palate with something new, Little Sins is the place. Not exactly a Ukrainian restaurant but rather a casual seafood bar, its speciality is oysters which are brought in weekly from a respectable farm in the Netherlands, and Ukrainian cider imported from the city of Zolotonosha. While the team is determined to teach their guests how to pair these two, oysters and other seafood, such as shrimp or tuna tartar, are also served with more traditional wines and sparkling wines. Cementing its reputation as a really cool restaurant in Berlin, Little Sins also plans to start running wine tastings at some point in the future. Notably, the bar is very democratic about pricing which is on a par with cheap restaurants in Berlin (a bottle of Cava for €20, anyone?)

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Cafe Pirouette

17 Saarbrücker Str.

@pirouette.cafebarMon-Thu 11am-11pm, Fri 11-3am, Sat 10-3am, Sun 10-12am

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When two former professional dancers open a restaurant, you can expect it to be an exquisite place. This family-run gourmet restaurant in Berlin offers Ukrainian, German, and French cuisine but also a rich event programme of concerts, performances, and exhibitions. This way the owners, Roman and Yaroslava, are aiming to create a home-like space for people of art and support young artists. Their Ukrainian chef Uliana is capable of creating all the riches a Ukrainian restaurant in Berlin can offer, including borsch, varenyky, and salo (fatty bacon). For a lighter meal one can enjoy oysters with sparkling wine, or French Crepes Suzette with coffee on a large open terrace.

Slava Berlin!

43 Wrangelstrasse

@slava_berlin_restaurantMon-Fri 12-10pm, Sat-Sun 10am-10pm

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When visiting this Ukrainian restaurant in Berlin, one may get carried away easily, so generous are the portions, so good is the homemade food, and so joyful are their nalyvanky liqueurs. A bowl of borsch and a plate of varenyky might leave no space for a dessert. So, you can visit with friends and share the food, and the bill might be similar to what you get at cheap restaurants in Berlin. Keep in mind that card payments are not accepted there. But if one of your party has cash on them and foots the bill, others can pay their shares via Profee, an online remittance service available in over 60 countries around the globe. With plenty of clearly labelled vegetarian options on the menu, Slava Berlin! is also a go-to place for vegetarians looking for a nice restaurant in Berlin.

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105 Regattastrasse

@vdoma.berlinMon-Sun 12-9pm, Tue closed

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As the name suggests, this Ukrainian restaurant for the whole family makes you feel ‘at home’ (‘vdoma’, in Ukrainian). As Tanya, the owner, says, the food tastes as though fondly cooked by your granny back in Ukraine (whom you can show your love right now, by sending her a money gift with Profee). After borsch, solyanka, or varenyky, enjoy a cup of delicious sea buckthorn tea or have a Ukrainian lager with homemade cheese sticks. During the week, there are lunch offers that change daily, which makes it one of the best restaurants in Berlin for office workers. By the way, Vdoma is wheelchair accessible and pet friendly.

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Other must-visit Ukrainian restaurants in Berlin

Drei Elefanten

104 Donaustrasse


A Ukrainian restaurant with a fusion twist, it also offers a rich vegetarian menu (including vegetarian borsch).

Fayna Ukraina

1 Menzelstrasse


A beloved by many Ukrainian restaurant in Berlin, Fayna Ukraina is currently closed for renovations. But keep an eye on their social media for the return of their lively karaoke nights: that should happen very soon.


64 Kastanienallee


A nice restaurant in Berlin to take your German friends to as it specialises in both Ukrainian and German cuisine serving everything from schnitzel to borsch and salo.

Whichever Ukrainian restaurant in Berlin you choose for your next hearty meal, all of them make you think of your loved ones back in Ukraine, don’t they? Let your family know you miss them, with a money gift sent with Profee.

Ukrainian restaurants in Berlin | Profee Blog (2024)
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