Your guide to manage mileage allowance in Slovenia (2024)

Slovenia probably has you thinking of the soaring Julian Alps, sparkling Adriatic coastlines and enchanting Lake Bled. But, for travel and finance managers, you may be thinking: how on earth do I manage travel expenses for business trips in this country?

Under-reimbursem*nt can lead to employee dissatisfaction and incorrect reimbursem*nts could violate Slovenian labour laws—it’s crucial you get this process right.

In this short guide, we break down the current mileage allowance rates in Slovenia, answer your burning questions and help you set up a system for reimbursing your employees that’s as smooth as a Slovenian road trip!

How does mileage allowance work in Slovenia?

Employees who use their personal vehicles for business travel are entitled to a mileage allowance reimbursem*nt from their employers. This allowance covers the costs associated with using a private car, like fuel, maintenance and depreciation.

The mileage allowance rate is determined by the government. As of 1st July 2022:

  • The mileage allowance for business trips is a flat rate of 0.43 EUR per kilometre (previously 0.37 EUR per kilometre)
  • But if the journeys within an employee's city of residence or work, the rate is lower at €0.21 per kilometre (previously 0.18 EUR per kilometre)

Note: The mileage allowance in Slovenia does not include company cars and motor vehicles.

What are the mileage allowance rates in Slovenia for 2024?

The mileage rates and allowances in Slovenia were updated in July 2022 and only account for business travel via private cars and public transport.

Private Cars

The mileage reimbursem*nt rate for business trips has been set at 0.43 EUR per kilometre since July 1, 2022. This rate is applicable for all types of vehicles, including electric cars, under the general mileage reimbursem*nt policy.

Here’s a quick calculation based on the distance travelled:

Distance (kilometre)

Mileage reimbursem*nt (@0.43 EUR per kilometre)







The mileage reimbursem*nts in Slovenia are intended to cover the costs associated with using a private vehicle for business purposes. If the company reimburses employees at the government-approved rate or less, the reimbursem*nt is generally considered tax-free.

But if the company reimburses employees at a rate higher than the government-approved rate, the excess amount (above €0.43 per kilometre) is taxable income.

For example, let's say the company reimburses €0.50 per kilometre. The employee would still receive €0.43 per kilometre tax-free. But, the remaining €0.07 per kilometre (the difference) would be considered taxable income for the employee and would be subject to income tax.

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Public transport for business trips

Slovenia has a well-developed public transportation system that connects both nationally and internationally. Employees are compensated for the exact total amount they spend on travel. But they of course need to keep and submit receipts for accurate reimbursem*nt of travel.

Here are the transportation costs for international and national travel.

International public transport in Slovenia

Slovenia's integrated public transport system connects all major cities, including Ljubljana, Maribor, Kranj, Celje and other smaller towns.

Ticket type



Single trip


Prices start at €1.30 for up to 5 km and go up to €13 for distances over 150 km

Monthly ticket

Equivalent to 32 single trips

Offers up to 30% discount on the cost of equivalent daily tickets

Annual ticket

Costs the same as 8 monthly tickets

Provides a discount of up to 20% compared to monthly tickets

International public transport connections from Slovenia

By Train

Destination country

Cities connected

Approx. ticket cost range



€29 -€60



€9 - €60



€9 - €20



€20 - €70



€9 - €25



€9 - €50

Note: These ranges account for factors like the time of purchase, class of service (e.g., second class versus first class) and specific promotions or discounts that may be available.

By Bus

based on recent searches:


Connected City

Approx ticket cost range



€49 - €104



€30 - €70

Czech Republic


€55 - €80


€30 - €110



€40 - €120

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The mileage rate allowance does not cover daily allowance (subsistence), or accommodation and meal allowance during business trips.

For business trips that require overnight stays or entail day-long commitments away from an employee's usual place of work, Slovenia adheres to specific per diem rates and accommodation caps.

According to the "Annex 5 bis of the tender specifications" from the European Commission:

Expense type

What it includes

Daily subsistence allowance

Employees on a business trip are entitled to €70 per day. This covers meal allowance and minor expenses

Accommodation ceiling

The maximum reimbursable amount for overnight accommodation is capped at €110 per night

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Your guide to manage mileage allowance in Slovenia (2024)
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